What does the title “Boys of Blood and Bone” tell us? Discuss themes and characters?

March 9, 2007 princesstreenie

‘Boys of Blood and Bone’ is a book written by two different views on how two different characters lived and fulfilled their life. The book shows the difference of the two characters by how they lived their life in their own time.


The title ‘boys of blood and bone’ is a reflection of the characters, Andy Lansell and Henry Lyon. The difference between the two characters is that they lived in different eras and had different fights to battle.


Andy Lansell fought in the First World War in 1918. He fought to fulfil some of his own reasons, like to go on an adventure and see a new country other than his home,
Australia. He also felt a tad obliged to join the army; it was what ever one was doing. Don’t get me wrong Andy did want to fight for his country but Andy was in love. Her name was Cecelia.

Throughout the book Andy faces difficult times with Cecelia. Firstly leaving her to go to war, then finding out he was a father to a baby from another women, Francis-Jane.


Henry Lyon is an 18 year old who’s life is somehow not fullfiled yet. Henry hasnt experianced real love. At the start of the book, Andy was involved in a girl named Marcelle. Henry didnt know what to do think about the relationship. He was confused, didnt know what to think. The relaionship finally broke off. This was a turning point in henry’s life. He finally did something for himself and he somehow felt relived that he was out of the relationship.


The book shows us how life can be. That life is full of unexpected mishaps. Andy and Henry are two totally different characters and yet they share the same problems such as relationship problems and death.



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  • 1. mrbartlett&hellip  | 

    Good response K, although you could have discussed the meaning of the title a little more. I think it means the characters are both “grown out of the land” – blood and bone is generally used to refer to fertiliser, from which plants are grown. That said, this is a well-written and thoughtful piece.

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