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March 4, 2007 princesstreenie

Hi my names Andy Lansell,

Some people may describe me as a not so friendly guy, depends what day you catch me on. I have quite a fit physic and I’m one of those typical Aussie blokes I guess. I swear far too much and I love to hang out with my mates. So there’s a little insight into me for you.

I live in Stratford, which is a small country town in Victoria. Stratford is where the love of my life is, Cecelia. Cecelia is the most stunning women I have ever laid my eyes on. She is the love of my life, so it nearly killed me when I had to leave her. I left her to go to war, like most of the men in Stratford.


Deciding to go to war was never an option; it was always that I was going to go. I went for an adventure, to see the world. I like to travel. I like to see the sight of a new country. Somewhere I have never seen before. But I didn’t just join the army to see a new country. I wanted to fight. I wanted to make a difference in the war, to fight for my country.

 The last memories at my home town was saying goodbye to everyone at the Strat, having a beer. This was the last day I would see Cecelia for a while. She gave me a diary. It was so I could right all of my thoughts down. The diary has come in handy for me on my travels. I went by train to Spencer Street station, hoping to return to Strafford one day, but not too soon.

Joining the army was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Training to fight was so fun as well. I always wanted to use a gun and now I finally get too. We were given a rifle to use and then had training drills to teach us how to use them.


Seeing foreign land for the first time was so rewarding. It made me think that this whole war was worth it. The first country that I saw was Colombo, in Ceylon. Fresh fruit and vegetables came on board and then we were off.


England was our next stop. The weather was wet, cold and windy, just how I imagined it.



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