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March 2, 2007 princesstreenie

Hi my names Henry Lyon.  

I am 18 years old and now I’m ready to get out in the real world and experience what life is really about. I love to travel and go on trips with my mates. I have two good mates, Nick and Marcus who I went to the beach with earlier this year.

I love to sailboard. I wait for the perfect wave to come and when that perfect wave comes, it almost feels like I’m apart of the sea, using and enjoying its beauty. I understand the sea and how the waves work. I feel relaxed when I’m out on my sailboard. The stress of my everyday life gets washed away with the waves and I never want to leave. But I guess that’s how life has to be.

I have just finished high school and now I’m a university student studying law. I want to be a lawyer; well that’s at least what I’m aiming for. I worked hard for where I am now and want to achieve the best that I can do. My parents are probably one of the reasons why I chose to study law. They have high expectations of me because their parents had high expectations of them. 

I come from a rich family, in other words my parents are loaded. They top up my credit card when I need them too which is pretty cool. When in the country town, Strafford and my mums Volvo broke down, they payed for all the repairs with no worry at all. So I guess it has its advantages. Sometimes I don’t really won’t people to know that I am rich because they might perceive me as a ‘mummy’s boy’.

I have a girlfriend and her name is Janine. She’s a really nice person and I’m really committed to our relationship. How we met was kind of a miracle, I guess you could say that but on the other hand it was everything but a miracle, let me explain. When I was down at the beach with my friends and my ex-girlfriend, Marcelle, my mum’s car broke down. Graham Trot, Trot as he likes to be called, picked me up and brought me into town so I could get my car fixed. Janine was his girlfriend at the time and this is why it was sort of a miracle. We all got along really well and that’s how we met for the first time.

Later on when I was back home working for my dad, I got a call from Janine saying that Trot had died in a car crash. This is why it was everything but a miracle and this is how I ended up with Janine.The death of Trot was something I had never experienced before. I didn’t know how to feel or react to the news I was given from Janine. My emotions where scattered. I was so sad and surprised at the same time. I never knew that I would never see Trot again once I left the beach. The reality of it all finally hit me. I went back to Stratford where trot lived and attended his funeral. It was one of the hardest days of my life.

I spoke about my ex-girlfriend Marcelle. It was the weirdest break up I had ever been through. I didn’t know how to react to the break up. I thought I would have been sadder than I was, more regretful. But I wasn’t.


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